Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Women Spring 2011 Accessory Trends - Belt Purse

I hazard to use the term 'fanny pack' or bum bag as it's colloquially known in Australia and the Singapore not only do such terms lack elegance, but they tend to hark back to the days where such items were made from neon coloured nyon and fastened around with parachute clips. More importantly though, the terms is not entirely accurate as it's relates to this particular fashion trend in 2011 an accessory trend it has not only moved on but moved up - several inches.

So we'll label this trend let affectionately as the belt purse or belt pouch-2011's elegant take on the fanny pack.

The belt purse : What is it

This one is fairly self explanatory. It's a small pouch or purse that's worn strapped around the waist or hips. The pouch can be a separate accessory - removable and able to be interchanged with different belts : or can come attached to a strap.

Belt purse worn by Hannelli

In 2011
  • It's best when sitting higger, at the waist to create a sophisticated shape and to separate the look from being too functional. That said, it can also work at the hip or lower - slung for a more casual take as long as the style is elegant.
  • Either way go for luxury fabrication : Leather belt purse are definitely best and the strongest style for 2011.

Belt purse from Hermes SS11

What to wear it with

  • A waist - cinching leather belt with a little bag/belt purse is perfect for pairing with a long. Flowing maxi dress.
  • With some tussel detailling to add a luxury bohemian touch, a la Emillio Pucci picture above.
  • Through the best - looks of a sophisticated, high waist pain of tailored pants of flares.
  • With a clean, minimal coktail dress for evening time, perfect for storing a credit card and a lipstick.

Belt pack at Jeager London SS11

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Women Spring 2011 Accessory Trends - Eye Glasses

Having jumped on this bandwagon long before I ever got the chance to write about it. I figure it's more than time to fortify the status of cat eye glasses as a 2011 fashion trend. So without further ado lets take a trip back in time as we explore the 50s eye wear phenomenon as it was then, and how to translate it to today's look.

Cat eye glasses at Giles Deacon

Cat eye glasses : the trend

Far from being a stand- alone trend, the resurgence of cat eye glasses is wrote firmly in the revival of 50s and early 60s fashion. Some designers featured them prominently in Fall - Prada and since then a plethora of alternatives have surfaced.

Prada AW10 cat eye glasses

The trend towards 50s sunglasses continued on the spring 2011 runways : from the extreme retro frames at Giles Deacon and Jeremy Scott through to subtle cat eye shapes at the like of Paul Smith, Tommy Hillfiger and Twenty8Twelve.

Cat eye glasses at Jeremy Scott

Cat eye glasses and face shapes

Generally speaking a cat eye frame with rounded - out edges will work wonders for a square face or diamond shape face. A round face can benefit from sharper edge, or larger frames that curve upwards subtly. All that said though, the rules are never hard and fast : the best options is always to try, try, try on pairs until you work out what's right for your face shape and hairstyle.

Cat eye glasses at Paul Smith

How to wear cat eye glasses

Get the night pair of 50s inspired glasses of sunglasses and you'll find they can work with many an outfit, from the very modern to the  utterly vintage. If you're going for a vintage inspired look, stick to anything from the 40's through to the 60's. While 70's fashion is also seeing a major comeback it's an era best suited to round frames.

Ana Dello Russo in cat eye sunglasses

Cat eye spectacles

If you want to make a strong statement, try a pair of cat eye or harlequin glasses with diamond shaped, lenses that point sharply out. For an everyday pair pair that will last, keep low key and subtle with a slight flare out at the edges.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Women Trend 2011 Clothing

Bell Bottom : The return off flared jeans
It's about this time every year that the world at large, and just those in the know such as yourself, start to look in the new year's trends and ponder about the large direction of clothing. Every December we see this fact played out time and time again, both is the corresponded we receive and in the activity across Fashioning.com with questions such as are skinny jeans still in fashion becoming increasingly frequent. And this short answer is yes, skinny jeans are still in fashion - they are young nowhere, at least in terms of trends, fast. But while that's a fact, 2011's fashion trends show the inverse to be true : flared jeans and flared trousers are back for both men and women for as a spring 2011 trend fashion trend.

Are flares and bell bottom back in?

The simple answer is yes, flared jeans and bell bottoms (as well as wide - leg pants to an extent, but we'll save those for another day) are back in. The freason why is almost as simple : skinny jeans have became so common, such a staple in most everyone's wardrobe, that people are seeking an alternative. At the some time you have the rise of 1970's fashion as a major influence of trends across 2011.

Bell Bottom and flares for Men

Often when it comes time to write about a fashion trend we start with the women's interpretation of it and then, usually a year or so later, we write about the menswear take on it. Not so with bell bottoms and flares for men, this is a trouser and jeans style that is happening for both genders. Of course, as it with most fashion trends, the men interpretation is subtler in fact to describe them as bell bottoms might be something of a misnomer. Bell bottoms, you see conjures up mental pictures of jeans whose hem is wider then your foot is long - but this isn't the style that on trend for men in 2011. Instead you're looking for a pair of jeans or trousers slightly wider than a boot cut, but with a slimmer thigh and waist that make the hemline even more defined.  

Acne have nailed the men's look as a part of their spring/summer 2011 collection with two interpretation of men's flared jeans picture below. The first is a look perfect for early autumn/fall 2011 trends while the second is more suited for spring/summer and being hatted has something of a beachwear overtone to it.

Bell Bottom and flares jeans for Women

Unlike the mean's version of the bell bottom/flared jeans fashion trend which is about a toned down style, the women's take needn't be.

What it isn't, however is overt . Cast your mind back to 2007 and you might remember the last time the issues of flares and bell bottoms faced us was courtesy of the baggy jeans trend. And I lothed it. As you can see on the right, people were actually opting to look anything but good. Given my strong distate of the style, it goes without saying that the return of flares pants and jeans in 2011 is not to be interpreted as a return to baggy jeans. Anything but :  

It also not a return to he boyfriend jeans style that was popular throughout 2008 and 2009.

Instead bell bottoms and flared jeans for women in 2011 are all about a neo - 1970's style that has the following element's

  • a hem that is at least as wide as your foot - the men's hem that you can see on the pictures above doesn't apply to the women's interpretation of the trend.
  • loose at the knee - i've already see some takes on the trend where the jeans are cut very slim down the thigh and the knee and then the flare out from below the knee cap. This is a 1990's interpretation of flares and not the style that's on trend in 2011.

Derek Lam SS11

There is also one other style elements you might consider's : a high waisted cut, which is desirable for the full 1970s vibe through. If you're pairing the jeans/trousers with a more modern look, a low cut waist will work just as well

High waist -  and subtle flared leg at ADAM SS11

Wide - leg pants : women's fashion trend
It must be said that wide - leg pants are not for everyone. It's for that reason that they're never been the dominants style to conquer the street ( not in the average fashioners lifetime anyway) , and while we count them among 2011's fashion trends, we don't expect their lack of mass popularity change in hurry skinniest have a long life left in them yet, but this is an year in which flared are on trend, and wide leg pants are these alongside them. But while the wide - leg may not become your new wardrobe staple just yet, don't overlook it as an elegant, stylish addition to your 2011 repertoire, particurlary when styled right.

And to see some example of just how they can be styled in the coming year, read on.

Wide leg pallazo pants

Style of wide leg pants

There are three key style's of wide leg pants on trend in spring 2011

Wide leg trousers
Sophisticated yet relaxed, sharp and tailored with a mid to hight waist : that's how 2011's wide leg trousers distinguishes itself. Perfect for masculine - inspired looks, be they very modern or very vintage.

Wide leg trousers

Wide leg jeans
Jeans that are wide - legged from top of the thigh down can have a tendency to end up looking baggy. In 2011, we recommended jeans that are more fitted. On the thigh - lean to flared legs or moderately wide legs rather than wide legged jeans style that are too baggy or that lack shape. Be wary of  a skinny leg that then widens from the knee, however that's too much like the 90's take on bell bottoms a look firmly out in 2011.

Palazzo pants
Palazzo pants are the resort cousin of the wide leg pants family. While wide leg trousers take you from the office to the bar, palazzo pants serve you best when you're lounging around on a yacht or soaking up some Mediterranean sun. Fabrics should be right and with plenty of drape and flow-silks, crepe, jersey, you can even try sheer fabrics for a look that's daring but now. 

How to wear wide leg pants

  • with heels. Flats will simpl never complete the looks as well as heels will : the exception is if you're changing off a very masculine look with man style flats.
  • with a slim fitting top to balance out the volume on the bottom half. A soft, billowing blouse can also work well but is best broken up with a waist - cinching belt.
  • with utter 70s glamour : wide leg trousers, platforms and a big floppy hat.
  • female dandy style - look to vintage icons like Kath Katharine Hepburn and  Marlene Dietrich for inspiration.
  • with 40s pin up girl flair, by pairing some wide - legged sailorpants with nautical stripes and espadrilles. 
Wide leg pants : who should wear them

A final, mandatory note about wide legs, be they jeans trousers or a draping palazzo : all of these style work best of taller frames. If you are short in the legs try a pair of skinny cropped pants or one's with a subtle flare paired with heels.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Lace dress / lace skirts women's trend

A trend round-up to inspire you for late summer 2010, but also a trend that you'd be a miss not to carry in to Autumn / Fall 2010/2011 : lace dresses and lace skirts.

Right now you're thinking  that is nothing new. And you're right. It is an extension of the sheer trends that has, for some time firmly cemented itself as its own,independent trend. So what follow is, instead more about how to wear the trend now, and how to set yourself apart from the masses-so that you can bring it forwards and into a new league. 

Types of lace
There are many difference type of lace and various methods for producing it-so many that we want go into them here. The long and short of it is this : it's now less about the stretch, all over lace and more about antique-style lace, fabrics that look like a more traditional needle or bobbin lace (even if they're machine made). Generally go for a wider net, a more unique pattern, a sturdier fabric, rather than thin stretch lace  

How to wear it?
The ultimate balance of lace in 2010/2011 is to be romantic but not over girly, sensual but not over suggestion like taking beautifully crafted lace that would have once been part of a garment and making it the only layer. The lace isn't an added detail of a garment. And thus we come to lace skirts and lace dresses. Dare to wear them without a slip underneath. Just keep the cut a little more relaxed or the hem a little longer to maintain that aforementioned balance.

Anna Dello Russo in black dress lace 

Olivia Palermo in tiered lace dress

Victoria in vintage lace skirt

Sophisticated 70s : Women Trend

We all want that vintage vibe in our wardrobe. That essence of an era gone by. And we want to cherry pick the sleekest, sexiest and most stylish looks from it. In recent years we're worn the best of the 20s and 30s, seen the rebirth and fading of an 80s come back, and we're just about to do it all again. But this time, is the 1970s that are due for a reinterpretation.

While 70s fashion is making waves and sure to continue on as a fashion trend in 2011, lets not forget that there are several variants. And you know what that means! All the more ways to get lots of wear out of your key seventies pieces, by taking them from 70s boho to a more sophisticated 70s look.

70s  Sophisticated by day
By day it's all about clean yet voluminous silhoutters and early 70s colour palettes. Look for

  • High waisted wide leg pants or flares, smartly belted in.
  • Next bow-blouses, epecially ones with billowing or bishop sleeves. Particularly great are fabrics like silks and satin
  • Roll neck sweaters tucked into pants or skirts. Add to the 70s effect by layering over beaded necklaces or a vest.
  • For those more daring, a pair of hot pants are the ultimate 70s item.
  • A smart printed jumpsuit is another great alternative.   

Daytime 70s styling at Chloe A/W 2010

70S Sophistication by night
By night the 70s sophisticated turn into the ultimate socialite, with look at me shimmering fabrics and cuts that either tightly hug or sensually drape over the body.

  • Choose high sher fabrics with a 70s disco-inspired edge like lurex or silk : anything with a metallic thread.
  • Add a ruffled neckline under a brocade blazer or tuxedo jacket, paired with a sharp pair of pants.
  • Long skinny gowns with draping, low necklines or dress slits are the ultimate in 70s night time glamour.

70 evening glamour at MIFW A/W 2010

Accessorising a sophisticated 70s look
Accessories are key when it come to creating a 70s look. Something to keep in mind.
  • The right handbag completes a looks. Try for smart, high quality bags like a leather satchel for day, and a small bag with a long strap for night.
  • Big statement leather belts slung over mini skirts or maxi dresses and impact and fair to a seventies-inspired outfit.
  • A pair of an trend thigh high boots are probably already ne in your wardrobe by now-pair them with hot pants or a skirt for a decidedly sexed-up yet sophisticated 70s look.
  • Wear lots of jewellery but keep it a little cleaner than for a boho look. Try lots of rings with bold stones, neat piles of bangles, and long pendant necklaces and stings of beads.
  • Look to complimentary hairstyles like a sleek longer bob, masses of bouncy curls, or long frowning hair. 

Freja Beha Erichson in Vouge Nippon, August 2010

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Spring 2011 Fashion Spring

It's already time to start thinking about the new trends for 2011. Especially spring looks. Last fall during fashion weeks in Kuala Lumpur I picked out some of the best spring 2011looks to share with you. And although the overall trend is toward minimalism (less is more) there's still plenty of newness to keep things interesting

Fashion week from Gucci